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This site is designed with the following goal in mind:
The purpose of the Early Warning Systems (EWS) Needs Assessment Survey is to help schools determine future steps so that more students are promoted, prepared to be successful in high school, and graduate on time. EWS are first described, and then some of the characteristics that have been found to be effective in other states, districts and/or schools are shared for consideration by Pennsylvania districts and schools. The outcome of the Needs Assessment will be a report to each participating district and school. The report will recommend next steps for the district/school based on the experience of the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University in multiple states, districts, and schools, both large and small.

The Educator Dashboard Early Warning System (EWS) is a free, voluntary tool available to all commonwealth LEAs. Building upon existing data, the EWS provides a lens through which schools are able to

  • Identify students at risk of dropping out
  • Build a library of district-specific interventions
  • Increase community partnerships and support schools
  • Set goals for student achievement
  • Improve student success rates

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